Los Guaca -Moles

With a welcoming atmosphere and woody inspired interior, Los Guaca-Moles is not a regular Mexican Restaurant but a must-go Mexican Dining House and Bar that encapsulates the unique culinary culture of Mexico. 

Located in the centre of Toronto, right in the heart of the neighbourhood of Koreatown (near Bathurst subway station), Los Guaca-Moles features a welcoming and comfortable main dining area and a delightful back patio.


Visitors stepping inside will come face to face with an authentic Mexican spot offering a truly glorious culinary experience that features authentic Mexican dishes for snacking & sharing, mixing & matching. 

Los Guaca -Moles



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Tired of so-called Mexican food?

Give us a try & judge by yourself!

“Featuring Authentic Mexican dishes for Snacking & Sharing, Mixing & Matching”